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My Biography

Alvin Bowman writes and spits Originally Creative, Lively and Life Giving, Spirit Filled SpokenWORD Poetry under the name “Testimony”. He started Writing Poetry, Hosting Shows, Concerts, Motivational Speaking Engagements and Special Events in 2001 as a means to cope with life’s many situations. God placed it on his heart to share his “Testimony” with the world. He’s been from Drexel to Jail…Park Place to Park Bench…and BACK AGAIN! His calling is to share the “Testimony” of what situations and scenarios God has allowed him to survive by being a Creative and Lively Host, Spokesperson and Living Testimonial Expression of God’s everlasting Love for us. Using his spiritual gift of Exhortation in the form of Speaking and Hosting Engagements, Story Telling, Life Coaching, Mentoring and Spiritual Spoken Word Poetry…He feels like the Biblical Character… Ezekiel… When God fed him the honey scroll and told him to go to the Israelites and tell them…”Thus saith the Lord!”. For “Testimony”, the honey scroll is in the form of Spiritual SpokenWORD Poetry. He knows that God is REAL! He knows what He has done for him! He believes…If God will do it for him…He will do it for anyone! Had someone shared this type of “Real Life” scenario “Real Talk” factual information with him earlier, maybe his life-path would have been different? Grateful in God’s service, His purpose now is to “Speak Life into Dry Bones”...In hopes that someone else will become Hope Filled, Encouraged and Empowered through a Closer walk with Christ…so their Own life-path will become much more Enriched…much Sooner!

A Soldier and Vessel to do God’s work, with the purpose of Winning Souls for Christ. ”Testimony” is currently a member of Cornerstone Church in Bowie, MD, under the leadership of Pastor Mark Lehmann.  "Testimony" is also a National Spokesperson for The Fellowship of Christian Athletes (Lacrosse) and VICTORY Lacrosse in San Francisco, CA. Under the Pastoral leadership of Dr. Jamal Bryant and the Fine Arts Ministry direction of Minister Jonathan Nelson; "Testimony" served as the Co-Head of the Spiritual Spoken Word Ministry at The Empowerment Temple AME Church called L.Y.R.I.C. (Liberating Yourself Rhythmically In Christ) where he poetically ministered to the congregation monthly. He has Participated In and/or Hosted a plethora of Community Events, Radio and Television Talk Shows, Youth and Gospel Concerts, Special Events, Church Gatherings and Services; “Stop the Violence” /“Voters Registration” campaigns with the Baltimore Chapter of the NAACP; Toys for Tots among other community and youth organizations including The Fellowship of Christian Athletes and VICTORY Lacrosse in San Francisco, CA. He is in the process of completing his solo projects entitled “Split Decisions” (June 13th, 2014 Release Date) and Somebody Prayed For Me (Late 2014 Release). He was also a finalist for the 2001 Russell Simmons HBO Def Jam Poetry competition, a Gulf War Veteran and proud member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc. 

While custom requests are certainly encouraged…

Some of “Testimony”’s Universal Motivational Speaking Topics are:

• “We Are Not Born Winners or Losers….We Are Born Choosers”

• “Why Chickens Cant Fly…And Eagles Soar High”

• “How Do I Get There From Here?..."Your Gift Will Make Room For You!”

"Hurt People Hurt People"..."The Power of Forgiveness"

• The “Why Me…What Now” Syndrome?

• Carry The Message Not The Messenger – “The Power of Words”

• Trust God- “Faith In Action”

Topic Points Include: Salvation, Decision Making, Choices, Drug and Alcohol Use, Bullying, Teen Depression, Marijuana Use, Character & Spiritual Education, Life Coaching and Mentoring, Relationships, Forgiveness, Self-Esteem, Goal Setting, Peer Pressure, Friend Selection, Coping Skills, All Other Things Youth and Young Adult.