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The "Testimony" Ministry Story


I am TRULY blessed to recite Spiritual SpokenWORD Poetry under the name “Testimony” and as well as the Founder of the 501c3 “Testimony Foundation” managed through United Charitable Programs Thank you in advance for your interest and support to help fulfill the burning desire that God has placed in my heart…”To help the youth and young adult populations around the world.” My mission is to positively motivate, mentor, inspire, encourage and uplift the souls of our youth, young adults, parents and “coaches” through positive, original, creative self-expression. I have given and received God’s blessings thru Speaking Engagements, Hosting Special Events and SpokenWORD Poetry Performances and Workshops. My goal is to offer an opportunity to witness energetic, positive, uplifting, creative expression in an effort to stimulate avenues for others to “see” the awesome power of God working in their own lives; thus planting the seed for others to share their own experiences, strengths, challenges, hopes and dreams from a spiritual perspective…..not a carnal, worldly point of view (2Corinthians 5:16-17). Prayerfully, the result will be the planting or watering of a seed that creates an individualistic, holistic approach to developing self-confidence, self-actualization and effective written and oral communication skills through Christ-Centered spiritual awareness…which will allow God to get ALL the Glory thereby granting The Increase…according to His will.

I grew up in Annapolis Maryland. I attended Cecil Memorial United Methodist Church. I started my journey when I was very young. I remember being about 9 or 10 when our Pastor, Rev. Davis, first laid hands on me. He prophesied that I would be a preacher one day. He spoke that in my life early. I believed it because, in my eyes, he was the closest person to God I knew except for my Grandmother. I remember talking with my grandmother whom shared and confirmed his feelings.

From that point on…I knew there was a “calling” on my life. God had spoken directly through Rev. Davis to give me a “Devine Assignment”. I started to read the Bible; and as I grew in knowledge, I learned that I was accountable for the information. I became afraid of my responsibility to God and began to rebel and run from it. I chose not to follow God….made poor decisions, befriended and attached myself with the wrong people. I did things that I knew in my spirit were wrong. I ended up in the belly of the whale…strung out on drugs, homeless, eating out of trash cans, sleeping on cardboard boxes, begging for change, not showering or changing clothes for weeks or months at a time, in and out of jails, rehab centers and loosing great executive level jobs because of my behavior and lifestyle choices.

But even in my worst situations, I still talked and prayed to God. He still kept me, protected me and provided for me. I always knew in the back of my mind that God has something great for me to do for His kingdom. Even in my mess…He still blessed me. I have had several executive level employment opportunities. I have a BS/BA degree from Drexel University. I have traveled all over the world, played professional lacrosse, 1st Lt. in US Army and Gulf War Veteran, been married twice and divorced, bought a house, lost a house...etc. I have done it all! But in doing it all…I was miserable! I thought everything that I had achieved was because of me, my greatness and my efforts. I was living wild with no accountability or sense of commitment or responsibility. I truly thought I was “King Alvin”. It was “My way…or the Highway”! Now that I look back, God sent many people in my life to warn me and to give direction, but I would not listen and paid a heavy “Life Price”.

God had to isolate me in order to get my undivided attention. I was incarcerated in the year 2000 when I had my true spiritual awakening. We had bible study every day in prison. The Pastor was teaching us that everybody has a gift that God has placed inside them that is to be used for the glorification of His kingdom. I went back to my cell repented for my sins and wrong doings and prayed to God to show me what my gift was. I realized that He had given me so many talents. I did not know what my gift was or what he had for me to do. Then, 3 days later, He woke me up with poetry on my heart. The first piece I ever wrote was called “Testimony”. God delivered it to me in one sitting at about 4:30 am. It took 45 minutes to write, and came out verbatim. It was 4 legal sized pages of paper long. I still have the original work and little did I know at that time…A Ministry was born.

Prior to that event, I had no desire to write…no interest in poetry. I had no desire to really tell people about the great love of Jesus Christ. I had no desire to spread His word……but I reflected back on what Rev. Davis said to me when I was younger and it finally clicked. I began to pray, write and spit poetry while I was locked up. We had a little sanctuary in the prison, and every Sunday we would have church service. It got to a point where people would ask me if I was “spittin” for service. Whenever I would “Spit” it was standing room only in the sanctuary. The prison had to assign extra guards to contain the overflow into the hallway. People that NEVER went to church or had exposure to God came. People gave their lives to Christ! It was an awesome experience. I was intimidated and really shocked how God would use me. I became a Soldier for Christ and my life would forever be changed.

Today my fellowship with Christ, my life, motives and intentions are much different. In spite of it all…God has TRULY blessed me. I am happier today than I have ever been. It’s not what is on the Outside that brings Joy…It’s what’s on the Inside. The condition of your spirit reflects in your outwardly appearance. There is an old saying that states…”You only get one opportunity to make a first impression”. What most fail to realize is that your Spirit-Man is your first impression. SpokenWORD Poetry is how God feeds me and how I conversate with God…I just like to share..and “The Body of Christ” likes to “ear hustle”. So…if you like it…and want to get in The Body of Christ…Visit John 3:16… or simply contact me!

I have conditioned myself to Remember…Those That Forget Are Doomed To Repeat..Life is all about "Progress not Perfection"…If we start with the End in mind…and we allow God to order our steps…we get there….Otherwise…we walk alone in a dark cold world when we choose not to follow Him…Only in the end to spend eternity in hell fire. Real Talk!…What Comes From The Heart…Goes To The Heart…Weather you believe in judgment day right now or not…Is it worth the gamble if you are wrong….Knowing you could die at any moment? No Really…think about it for a minute…If there is no judgment day and everything believed in and talked about during the rest of your life from this point forward turns up to be totally false and wrong…..Who Cares! …One Thing For Sure..Two Things For Certain…Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth (The BIBLE) …NEVER hurt a SOUL…and sure does make the trip to wherever more enjoyable…So…“Why not give your Life to Christ and Believe?”...Food For Thought…I did…That’s what the ministry of “Testimony” is all about! Spreading the Good News in a format and a language plain to understand and relate to no matter what religion, race, sex or age. Something for Everyone!

I am just God’s appointed vessel. Life for me used to look like a stained glass window painting…Each day, I am training myself to spiritually “Tilt the Window”…so I can see God really moving in my life and the lives of others. It’s AMAZING!...Now…That’s REAL Joy! Today by God’s grace.. I am a homeowner, I have a great job that I enjoy, a loving family, and most importantly…Salvation, The love of Christ, and Philippians 4:7 peace in my heart and spirit that ignites a hunger for healthy, holistic relationships and fellowship with God, Myself and Others! With God First…ANYTHING is possible! I am a living “TESTIMONY” to that fact! I am committed and have been commissioned to share this information with “The World” in an effort to do my part for The Body of Christ to win souls for Christ! the very least provide TRUE information others can use to make informed decisions about Mental, Physical and Spiritual Growth and Health issues.

“We Are Not Born Winners or Loosers, We Are Born Choosers!", based on Deuteronomy 30:19. Life is 10% of what happens to us and 90% how we react. The choices we make today will ultimately shape our tomorrows. God placed it on my heart to share my “Testimonies” with the world. My calling is to share the “Testimony” of what “Life Events” God has allowed me to survive and to be a spokesperson and living testimony of His everlasting grace and mercy by creatively using my spiritual gift of Exhortation in the form of Special Event Hosting, Motivational Speaking Engagements, Story Telling, Life Coaching, Mentoring and Spiritual SpokenWORD Poetry . I feel like the Biblical Character Ezekiel…where God fed him a honey scroll and told me to go to the Israelites and tell them…”Thus saith the Lord!”. For me, that honey scroll is in the form of poetry. I know that God is REAL! I know what He has done for me! I believe…”If God will do it for me…He will do it for anyone!”

When growing up….Had I been exposed to this type of “Real Life” scenario, “Real Talk” information, maybe my life-path would have been different. I am a 47-year-old African American man that has a lot to offer God’s people and is willing to take the responsibility to make a positive difference in the lives of others. I know for a fact that it is impossible for me to personally, professionally, spiritually, physically or emotionally maximize my potential or goals unless I maximize the gifts God has given me to help uplift the body of “Christ” and give God ALL the Glory! My purpose is to Speak Life into Dry Bones! It is my Ezekiel 3:3 responsibility to spread the WORD God has put inside me for His Glory…So I commit to Spit “Lyrical FI-YAH!”

Your bookings, corporate sponsorship or tax deductable charitable funding donations will be used for workshop and marketing material development, audio and visual production and distribution, web site development, event planning and the implementation and expansion of the vision God has placed on my heart. In exchange for your bookings, sponsorship or donations, I would also like to discuss some ways in which I may create positive exposure for your organization and network resources to create a win-win scenario as we expand God’s Kingdom together.