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Thank You For Your Interest, Request, Contribution and Godly Service

I certainly do not treat them lightly. I feel blessed to have motivationally spoken and shared in a plethora of arenas and venues on various topics to all different age groups. I really enjoy it. Custom tailored information delivery requests are always welcome. I enjoy marrying God's gift with your vision. That is how many new pieces come to life!….So, tell me all about your vision so I can poetically present it for you...or host your concert, show, or special event! I’ll even come spit “Reightous Liguistics” for your Church, Group, Club, Jail or Institution!...I’m ALL IN!


If you just want have HIS way...Outside of Spittin’ "Lyrical FI-YAH" and Hosting Shows/Events….

Some Favorite Universal Age Motivational Speaking Topics I enjoy sharing about are:

• We Are Not Born Winners or Losers….We Are Born Choosers”

• Why Chickens Cant Fly…And Eagles Soar High

• How Do I Get There From Here?...Your Gift Will Make Room For You!

• The “Why Me…What Now” Syndrome?

• Carry The Message Not The Messenger – “The Power of Words”

• Trust God- Faith In Action

Some Creatively Expressive Topic Talking Points Include:

Salvation, Decision Making, Choices, Drug and Alcohol Use, Bullying, Teen Depression, Marijuana Use, Character & Spiritual Education, Life Coaching and Mentoring, Relationships, Self-Esteem, Goal Setting, Peer Pressure, Friend Selection, Coping Skills, All OtherThings Youth and Young Adult.


If you would like to lend support to the “Testimony” Ministry….The Testimony Foundation is a 501c3 organization where the (non-profit tax deductible) donated funds are held, managed and distributed through United Christian Charities. Please feel free to visit (Launch Spring 2014)

Your bookings, corporate sponsorship or tax deductable charitable funding donations will be used for workshop and marketing material development, audio and visual production and distribution, web site development, event planning and the implementation and expansion of the vision God has placed on my heart. In exchange for your bookings, sponsorship or donations, I remain poised and open to discussing ways in which we may create positive exposure for your organization and network resources to create additional synergies as we serve and help expand God’s Kingdom together.